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Mathematics is based on patterns. Multiples of numbers is one of these patterns. Lots of students think they don’t know how to factor, but what they really don’t know are the multiple patterns. For example, how many different ways can you make 81? [Ans: 81*1; 9*9; 9*3*3; 3*3*3*3.]


Each of these images is linked to a different practice. You will need to get a 90% or better in order to submit your grade. Some of you will think you are clever and use a calculator. This will work against you in the assessments, where you won’t be able to use electronic devices but will have to rely on the knowledge you have acquired. In this case, that means “memorized.” (Sad but true; you just can’t see the patterns fast enough to factor if you try to calculate them when you are solving expressions.)


Each Practice gives you experience in multiplying 2 numbers, for example, 1 & 2, by the sequence 1 through 16. After you have learned the multiples using the Practice, which is designed to make memorization easy. you take the Challenge. The Challenge has both Multiplication and Division problems, for a total of 64 presentations [2 * 16 =32 for Multiplication & 2 * 16 = 32 for Division.

1 & 2

5 & 6

9 & 10

7 & 8

13 & 14

15 & 16

11 & 12

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