Cancer Movies

The cancer movies give you opportunities to see the different types of cancer cells, and to develop a more integrated perspective on the disease.


All the cancer movies are on this CD to save you download time and to reduce your Internet connection time requirements.




The PUH 290/297 Cancer Research Workshop environment on this CD gives you an opportunity to learn more about cancer using your own research skills. The cancer movies give you one or two perspectives. The Forum, when complete, gives you additional perspectives.


There are about a dozen different cancer movies. Each has a thread in the PUH 290/297 Cancer Research Workshop Forum. After watching them all, you will each choose 4 to respond to. You will research these types of cancer on the web, and after reading what others have written about this cancer type, assuming you are not the first, you will add ONE (1) additional new fact about this type of cancer to its thread.


The Specifics

1. Watch the Cancer movies

2. Select the four (4) that intrigue you

3. Research them on the web

4. Go to the Forum

5. Find the threads for your topics

6. Read what everyone else has written

7. Add your 1 new fact to the thread

8. Vote for one (1) movie and give a theoretical explanation about why you liked the movie.


Philosophy & Grading

This is a team research effort. You will get points in the following ways:

1. For each fact and why your fact enhances the group knowledge of the topic (max: 20 points)

2. For being the 4th entry in a topic (5 additional points, making the topic worth a maximum of 25 points for you instead of 20)

3. For your vote (max: 20 points)









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